Comprehensive Tunneling Services:

Augering, Boring, Pipejacking and More

For over three decades, CT Underground has helped clients across Alberta and Western Canada install and replace pipeline/ utility services at active crossings where excavation is not a practical or feasible option. This includes construction projects involving installations across highway, railway, utility and pipeline crossings.

Based on your project objectives, grade requirements and geology, CT Underground will recommend the most practical solution. Our tunneling solutions include: Horizontal Auger Boring, Guided Boring, Down The Hole Hammer, Pneumatic Pipe Ramming, Slip Boring, Surface Casing and Tunnel Boring.


Horizontal Augering

How it works

CT Undeground has developed a custom built Horizontal augering machine for large diameter boring. Our equipment can be used to install 48inch diameter pipe, see our demonstration video on the right.

Horizontal Augering is a steerable, trenchless method which uses a small excavation to install a variety of pipes ,conduits and cables underground. From utility installation to fluid movement to flood abatement, this method is used to minimize traffic disruption, ground disturbance, and environmental impact.(source:

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