CT Underground is built on a culture of safety, which is reflected in all that we do. While some companies take a top-down approach to safety, ours is highly inclusive. HS&E practices are guided and embraced with input from all levels within our organization.

Hazard Assessment and Control

A proactive approach to identifying and mitigating safety risks is imperative. CT Underground follows a detailed process to prevent accidents through awareness and prevention. This includes:

  • Strict adherence to safety guidelines, company-wide
  • Promoting safe environments for employees, customers and communities
  • Ongoing education and safety training
  • Improving skills and competence
  • Ensuring consistent practices throughout the company
  • Encouraging team members to be safety leaders
  • Pursuing continuous safety improvement

Industry-Leading Safety Standards

We’ve adopted industry-leading safety standards based on proven best practices and input from outside industry experts.

Continual Improvement

Those who have received advanced OH&S training serve as mentors and have taken a lead in implementing new policies, practices and procedures. When it comes to safety, we aspire to nothing short of perfection.