The Guided Boring System installs small diameter pipe on line and grade with precision. The System uses video monitoring of an illuminated target via a theodolite. By using video surveillance, the Guided Boring Method can produce exact results for gravity sewer and water. After the guided head reaches the reception shaft, a reaming head and auger tubes with flighting are installed to follow the guideline and bore the line clear.


  • The method of guided boring is highly pervasive in microtunneling and other forms of horizontal directional drilling (HDD).
  • After the initial boring, the hole is expanded through use of a reamer to gradually enlarge the hole to allow installation of the product pipe.
  • During drilling, the bit is laser guided allowing for a high degree of accuracy, often within 1 inch tolerances. Using guided boring is costly due to its use of highly specialized equipment and personnel.
  • This maneuverability is facilitated by a slanted drill head, drill heads that are asymmetrical or movable fluid jets at the head.